Load Support

Many work sites across the globe have limited accessibility due to huge areas covered with soft soils, meaning that the terrain cannot provide sufficient load support. Typical load support applications include reinforcement of base and subbase layers in flexible pavements, including: asphalt pavements, unpaved access, service and haul roads; military roads, railway substructure and ballast confinement; working platforms and so on.

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Emergency Infrastructure and Military

Restoring critical infrastructure is an objective that needs to be launched quickly and safely. Using the Tough Cell solution offers minimal logistics as well as the advantage of using local materials during time of necessity as a swiftly implemented and active construction process.

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Reservoirs and Landfills

A crucial challenge of lined reservoirs is to protect its geomembrane, while simultaneously ensuring soil and slope stability. Tough Cell Geocells, with armor infill, provide the strength needed to succeed. Tough Cells made from Neoloy novel polymeric alloy are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, corrosive materials and have very low polymeric creep.

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Earth Retention

Earth retention applications usually require highly durable and reliable solutions, especially in regards to its stability and external facia. With this factored into the equation, Tough Cell creates reinforced geocell slopes with proven resistance to degradation caused from extreme temperatures, UV radiation, oxidation and load stresses.

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Slopes and Channels

The Tough Cell advanced three-dimensional erosion-control system is the best solution for any slope or channel when erosion is caused by streaming water, including shorelines beach heads, ports and other unprotected slopes. The Tough Cell geocell slope stabilization solution physically protects against erosive forces and is designed to enhance friction resistance to prevent soil migration.

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Tough Cell’s sustainable green building practices offer easily constructed landscape architectures, particularly those that support a natural environment., It can be used to reinforce base layers in roads, runway shoulders and parking lots, replacing hard armor paved surfaces with grass matts. This technique not only reduces heat dissipation (heat-island effect), but improves environmental aesthetics.

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